Caged Bird

At one time, cousins Jasmine and Erika Jordon were as close as sisters.  That is until evil walked in and tore their relationship apart. 
Four years ago, Jasmine Jordan turned her back on the only family she knew at the urging of her abusive boyfriend, Terrance Hert.  Never in her wildest dreams did she think that their fairy tale relationship would turn into the complete nightmare that it has become. 
Erika Jordan thought she had it all.  A beautiful home, a successful business and a large bank account to compliment it all.  What more could she ask for?  A chance encounter with the only man that she ever truly loved will force Erika to reevaluate her life. 
Estranged for years, the Jordan cousins are brought back together by one unfortunate incident.  While one cousin must find the courage to leave an abusive relationship, the other must let go of demons from her past in order to embrace a love that was written in the stars.  It will take the rekindling of their relationship in order for these two women to come to terms with what is missing in their lives and to be brave enough to claw out of the cage that they have been trapped in. 

Romance, Love, Relationship, Family, Mature YA

Release date: 
Summer 2015

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